Transformational Change

“Handle the challenge of change well, and you can prosper greatly. Handle it poorly and you can put yourself and others at risk.”   John Kotter

Change is inevitable in all aspects of life. Some see this as positive and an opportunity to learn lessons, whereas others may struggle to cope with the emotional impact that change brings.

With years of experience in leading both large and small change initiatives, from interpretation of strategy to full ground-level implementation and evaluation you can rely on our expertise and knowledge to optimize your chances of success.

We support business building up their success, and also those who are successful but are “stuck” in old ways of working and at risk of decline as new trends or competitors entre the market.

At Clarity Change we have developed a very practical ‘transformational change’ framework to work within when you are leading change, so taking the pain out of the process and ensuring change is implemented smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

The Clarity Framework works by;

– Using a Transformational Change Management Model that suits your business to ensure critical stages are followed.

– Analyse the culture of your organization to advise on your readiness for change in the organization.

– Supporting and coaching you and your teams through each stage of the process.

– Helping you to define and clarify your vision and change it into strategy.

– Looking at common obstacles and pitfalls you may face and how to remove these.

– Identifying roles and responsibilities in the change process.

– Helping to manage the emotional impact of, and resistance to, change.

– Providing tools, tips and resources, based on the latest research, to assess your current readiness for change, your current strategies, processes, systems and culture, monitor progress and evaluate your success.

How Else Can Clarity Change Help You?

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Organisational Development

When you invite us into your service or organisation we work quickly to build a trusting, empathetic and non-judgemental  relation with you and your staff.

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Creating a Great Place to Work

We give up some much of our time to the workplace, whether you work remotely or as part of a team so it is vital you can enjoy what you do, take pride in a days work well done and looking forward to the next challenge.

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