Organisational Development for Business & Healthcare

“Helping your Business or  Organisation to thrive and adapt for the world today and for tomorrow.”

What We Can Do For You...

When you invite us into your service or organisation we work quickly to build a trusting, empathetic and non-judgemental  relation with you and your staff through strategic organisational development.

We then gather as much information as we need to have an accurate picture of where your business or service is in its development, we will listen to you, your staff and clients’ underlying concerns and establish your goals and aspirations.

We use Tools depending on your individual needs, such as questionnaires, confidential discussions, coaching, tecniques to capture your processes and procedures and workshops.

Your staff are your best asset and know what is working or not, however when they are steeped in practice they may not have the time to step out, examine the pathways and connections and work out ways to streamline your service and make it more effective. We will do this for you!

Feedback is essential and leads to an action plan, with owners and timescales to make these happen. We will monitor and evaluate organisational development progress, providing a full report with recommendations as we end our time with you. At any time we can return to reevaluate or revise your action plan.

How Else Can Clarity Change Help You?

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Creating a Great Place to Work

Your leadership and the culture you create is vital to improve performance, retain staff and ensure an inclusive, creative and positive workplace is developed.  We can help you to do this here at Clarity Change.

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Transformational Change

Change is inevitable in all aspects of life. Some see this as positive and an opportunity to learn lessons, whereas others may struggle to cope with the emotional impact that change brings.  Clarity Change can help you.

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