Healthcare Consultancy

Clarity Change was founded with a strong focus on Leadership, Culture and Service Improvement in Health and Social Care. The founder of Clarity Change, Joanne McConville, has 30 years of experience of nursing in the NHS, Private Sector and Civil Service. Due to this substantial experience leading Local and Regional change projects, introducing new initiatives and managing large teams Joanne understands the pressures and complexity of working in Health and Social Care and has a clear vision and passion for the help and support we can bring to providers in all sectors.

Our Services

  • Leadership Development & Support
  • Organisational Development
  • Service Improvement & Change Management
  • Creating a Culture of Care
  • Individual & Team Coaching
  • Management of Teams & Services

Joanne McConville

“My passion is to support and develop confident and positive leaders that inspire, motivate and empower those they lead, through inevitable change programmes they will face within their organisation.

I have worked at all levels in healthcare, from staff nurse, specialist posts to reach a senior management position in the NHS, Prison Service and Nursing Home Management. I am dedicated to nursing and providing quality,

compassionate leadership underpinned by an excellent culture and this is what I want to bring to the individuals, teams and organisations I work with.”

How we can help you

Healthcare Consultancy – Leadership

At Clarity Change we see the power of leadership and its impact, good or bad. on individuals, teams and wider organisations.

Everyone has a style, a skill-set and an approach for leadership, but may lack the insight that will allow them to personally learn and grow as a leader, with grave consequences on staff morale, performance and retention.

Gaining insight can be challenging, but with Clarity Change on board for support and coaching you will enjoy your journey to become the best leader you can.

Healthcare Consultancy – Change Initiatives

Change is inevitable in all aspects of life. Some see this as positive and an opportunity to learn lessons, whereas others may struggle to cope with the

emotional impact that change brings. Change initiatives can be daunting with resources and time in short supply. We have developed a very practical framework to work within when you are leading change, so taking the pain out of the process and ensuring change is implemented smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

Healthcare Consultancy – Coaching

Coaching equips individuals and teams with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to fully develop and be effective in all aspects of their lives.

We use a coaching approach when working with you to help you gain insight into the skills and abilities within your organisation and ensure you are involved and in control of any work you want to progress. Having an independent party outside the organisation can seriously improve the culture of the organisation and show staff you are invested in them and care for them as individuals


“I have had the pleasure of working with Joanne on several projects over the years. She has a natural ability to communicate, problem-solve quickly and lead people though changes, that would be daunting and difficult to others. Her personal leadership approach has carried her through major contentious projects with sheer determination and resilience. I would not hesitate to contact her again.”

We Bring With Us...

Passion for healthcare and genuine care for those we works with.

Knowledge and networks in the wider healthcare system.

Having those difficult conversations and conflict resolution

Service and team management.

Regional Programme Management.

Writing policies, procedures, business cases, proposals and reports.

Working within safeguarding, governance, policies and procedures.

Making strategic decisions and converting strategy and policy into a reality

Helping others to build up their leadership skills through “hands on support”, assessment and practical advice.

Credibility and knowledge of the healthcare language, and appreciation of how complex issues and systems are.

Clarity Change is working with JMK Nurse Consultancy to offer a wider range of services for Healthcare organisations.

Julie McKearney, the founder of JMK Nurse Consultancy, is a specialist Mental Health practitioner and Her knowledge and experience is impressive, having worked as a nurse, team lead and senior manager in the NHS and Independent healthcare sector. Julie has turned around businesses, driving forward change and service improvement under intense public and media scrutiny, establishing and developing professional and business relationships. She uses evidence- based, solution focused approaches to coach and support managers with leadership development, change management, service improvement and governance requirements, such as auditing compliance with regulations and development of quality action plans within the Nursing Home Sector, and independent investigations.

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