Clarity Change offers;

  • 1 to 1 coaching for individuals, at particular stages in their career, for health and well-being and to compliment the supervision and appraisal procedures in your organisation
  • team coaching to bring ideas together, solve workplace difficulties and support staff, and
  • executive coaching for senior managers, either on a 1 to 1 or a group basis

We believe that our Coaching input is a vital element of what we offer. It allows individuals to gain insight and identify their own needs, a safe, independent and confidential opportunity to bring issues they do not feel they can discuss in the workplace. 80% of those who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships and communication skills. (International Coach Federation, 2017).

Which type of Coaching suits you Best?

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Coaching for Individuals

Coaching is a way to reach an individual’s goals and aspirations. It is about removing the obstacles and encouraging someone to identify and go beyond barriers built up o Clients should expect to be stretched and push the boundaries of their comfort zone to help them reach their desired outcome every time to accomplish dreams and aspirations.

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Coaching for Teams & Organisations

This is the process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves to be effective in their commitment to themselves, the company, and their work. Employees will gain organizational resiliency and effectiveness in change. The benefits of coaching can improve the workforce of a company, improve employee morale, and help achieve organisational goals.

"Joanne, from Clarity Change, offered coaching that was discerning, stimulating and revitalising. In a short time she gave me a whole new way of looking at my situation, and the empowerment to the deal with issues I felt were insurmountable. Joanne didn’t solve my problems for me but helped me move forward through perceptive questioning, insightful ideas and a wealth of experience. She gave me the skills and knowledge to develop positive problem solving approaches I know I will apply again and again."

H Richardson

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