Creating a Great Place to Work

Leaders who build a great place to work have the power to repair and strengthen social bonds, improve individual lives and elevate the human spirit.

In work it is vital you can enjoy what you do, take pride in a day’s work well done and look forward to the next challenge.

Creating a great place to work takes time to build and nurture. It is all about making staff feel respected and valued, treating them fairly and giving them opportunities for growth. When employees feel pride in their work, trust in their leaders, and have camaraderie with their co-workers, they repay the company with commitment and engagement.

At Clarity Change we have worked in many settings, from those you would not describe as “great places to work” to the opposite end of the scale where leaders persevered to improve the culture of the organisation for all who worked there.

We can help you look at your workplace now, plan how to make it the place where the best people want to work, and evaluate your success.

Ask your employees about their work experience

Review their feedback

Evaluate and develop leadership

Plan for workplace improvement

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Workplace Culture

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The culture of an organisation is the pattern of beliefs, values, attitudes, norms, unspoken assumptions and entrenched processes that shape how people behave and work together. It is a very powerful force and something that remains, even when teams change and individual staff move on.

Having a culture that supports staff to engage, develop their skills to match your organisations values and goals and learn and develop has a huge impact on relationships, performance, staff morale and effectiveness. You are showing them that you are invested in them and care about them individually. This also advertises that your business is an excellent place to work in to attract new employees, growing the reputation of your business.

An excellent culture at work can underpin successful change, make your organisation a place where people will want to work and attract top talent, improves teamwork and performance.

Leadership and management of staff can make or break a culture and is reliant on decisions you make, the values you show and how you manage, communicate with, and support your staff.


"Joanne, from Clarity Change, offered coaching that was discerning, stimulating and revitalising. In a short time she gave me a whole new way of looking at my situation, and the empowerment to the deal with issues I felt were insurmountable. Joanne didn’t solve my problems for me but helped me move forward through perceptive questioning, insightful ideas and a wealth of experience. She gave me the skills and knowledge to develop positive problem solving approaches I know I will apply again and again."

H Richardson

An Outstanding Culture is...


-Winning & Loosing Together.

-Celebrating Special Events.


-Equal Compensation & Recognition

-Pay & Conditions

Trustworthy Management

-Honesty & Values



-Sharing Ideas

-Continually Developing


-Show That You Trust Others

-Positive Working Practices


-People Health & Wellbeing

-Visable Support & Positive Regard

How Else Can Clarity Change Help You

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Document Production

We can lighten your load! Your time is precious.  We develop and produce high quality documentation, so you don’t need to.

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Organisational Development for Business & Healthcare

When you invite us into your service or organisation we work quickly to build a trusting, empathetic and non-judgemental  relation with you and your staff.

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