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About Joanne McConville

Joanne McConville is the founder of Clarity Change and brings 30 years of experience from the NHS, Private Sector and Civil Service. She has worked at all levels, from staff nurse, specialist posts to reach a senior management position and has led on substantial, complex projects and change programmes successfully, which have had both a Regional and local impact. Joanne is an affiliate Consultant with the Beeches Leadership Centre to lead and carry out long or short-term projects in the NHS and wider afield.

She combined her extensive experience, networks and knowledge with ongoing professional development to ensure her practice is relevant, up to date and based on the best evidence available. To underpin this Joanne completed a Masters in Leadership, looking at leadership and change through individuals, teams/groups and organisations. She also trained in PRINCE2, LEAN and Service Improvement techniques. In addition to the above she a qualified Hypnotherapist, Coach and NLP Practitioner.

Joanne is registered with professional bodies, including the NMC (Nursing, Midwifery Council) and the ACCPH, (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists). Proof of Insurances and Enhanced Disclosure Checks are available.


Joanne uses her personal story and work and life experiences to provide motivational talks on leadership skills and attributes, the importance of coaching and her take on how to “bounce back” from difficult times and become the best person you can be, in all areas of your life.

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Clarity Change

Lead to Inspire. Change to Win, Coach to Excel

Why Hire Us?

We are dedicated to our customers, from the time we first meet you, through anything we work together on, and afterwards.

We will never take away your personal or business autonomy and control.

Our role is to be your support, an educator, a resource for information, advice and a catalyst to help you initiate change. You will always be in charge whether we are working alone together or in the workplace.

Often a fresh pair of eyes is what you need.

We will bring you invaluable, honest external, objective perspectives on areas you have asked us to focus on within your organisation. You may not be able to “see the wood for the trees”, or be protective of what you have achieved. We will take a load off your mind and help you to focus, building on your successes rather than concentrating on what went wrong.

The Culture for Honesty

Honest feedback from those you work with is often difficult to get, especially in times of change in the workplace, or if you have difficulties in or between teams. We can facilitate surveys, workshops, focus-groups and meetings to ensure you have an honest picture of the views of others so this can be incorporated into strategies and plans for the future.

Evaluation of Successes and Lessons-learned

We can provide you with confidential, honest, constructive evaluation of our findings for individuals, teams or the organization and support your through the changes you may want to make or development plans for the future

Focus, to Free Up Time

In this time when your business may be adapting the way in which it works, you may find it more cost effective and convenient to engage a consultant for particular pieces of work, or for staff development. This frees up you and your staff to focus on other areas you feel are important to run your business effectively.

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