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Leadership & Organisational Development / Transformational Change / Creating a Great Place to Work / Documentation / Assessment & Evaluation of Culture.

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Development for Individuals, Leaders & Teams / Organisational Development / Service Improvement / Creating a Culture for Care  / Documentation Development.

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Individual Coaching / Team Coaching / Executive & Leadership Coaching / Coaching for Interviews / Work-related Issues / Preparation for Life Changes / Personal Development Plans

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Healthcare Conferences / Teams & Organisational Development Days / Training Programmes / Conference Speaking / Group Speaking / Key-note Speaker / Podcasts and Articles / Books

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Clarity Change was founded with a strong focus on Leadership, Culture and Service Improvement, helping businesses in the private sector as well as organisations in the Health and Social Care Sector through Healthcare & Business Consulting. The founder of Clarity Change, Joanne McConville, has 30 years of experience of nursing and senior management in the Independent Sector, NHS and Civil Service. Due to this substantial experience leading Local and Regional change projects, introducing new initiatives and managing large teams and services, Joanne understands the pressures and complexities you face and brings this knowledge and skills to her work with individuals, teams & businesses today.

"Here at Clarity Change we are passionate about what we offer and can make a huge difference to you, your team and organisation.

We are specialists in Business Consultancy, Business Coaching & Healthcare Consultancy, supporting organisations to develop leadership at all levels, manage change initiatives effectively, improve cultures and make your organisation or service thrive.

Coaching is an integral part of our Leadership Development and Change Programmes. We also offer individual and team coaching to improve the performance, motivation and the health and well-being of the staff, both at work and at home."

Owner & Founder of Clarity Change

Within our Core Offering

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Your leadership and the culture you create is vital to improve performance, retain staff and ensure you develop an inclusive, creative and positive workplace.

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Future development begins as soon as you establish where you are now. We will assess and evaluate how your organisation works and support you to put changes in place to thrive.

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We have developed a very practical framework to work within when you are leading change. We take the pain out of the process, ensuring change is implemented effectively.

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To strive and survive invest in your people power.  We measure; Culture, Team-work & Motivation, Innovation, Human Potential, Leadership, Values

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We can produce a variety of documents for individuals, and/or organisations. This includes Reports, CVs, policies, procedures, strategy papers & project plans.

All our input is bespoke and designed around you, therefore we will work together to choose services of most benefit to your needs.

Clarity Change

Lead to Inspire, Change to Win, Coach to Excel

An Inspirational Story

Ground-rush is scary when you see it as you fall from 6,500ft plummeting at 100mph towards your fate, not knowing what this will be. Very few people will survive to tell the tale, but Joanne did.

Her skydiving accident was one of those “before and after” moments that she now offers motivation speaking to inspire others to recover and become the best they can be, despite the tragedy and trauma they have faced

Joanne’s message is one of “lead yourself” to recovery and tells how the experiences she has had, both with this accident, her personal life and her career, have led her to believe that  leadership and working through change require the same skills and attributes as those needed to recover from adversity and have the best life possible.

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  • Leadership Development and Business Coaching for existing and new leaders, and those who would like to progress in their career.
  • Practical help and support before, during and after Change Initiatives, including production of reports, improvement plans and evaluation of outcomes.
  • Evaluation of workplace cultures through Business Consulting.
  • 1 to 1 and team coaching as part of staff development.
  • Clarity Change offers help and support designed around the needs of each person, team and organization, therefore this is not an exhaustive list.


Coaching, Training, Counselling & Mentoring in the Workplace. What’s the difference?

Coaching, Training, Counselling & Mentoring in the Workplace. What’s the difference? Coaching: Coaching in the workplace entails strategically guiding someone into improved performance through reflection on how they apply their skills, experience and knowledge. Coaching is about developing individuals and teams beyond where they currently are and support them to identify what path they wish […]

Find out more about our New Leadership Programme for Leaders of all Levels.

Clarity Change is now offering a brand new leadership programme for senior level staff. “Lead, Motivate and Inspire”. We wanted to bring you something more useful and less time-consuming than an educational course, with activities, a workbook for you to keep and plenty of handy tips to develop your skills. You will gain real insight […]

Resilience: What does it Mean?

Resilience: What Does it Mean? When you look at this picture do you think? It has survived despite the environment it lives in. Imagine how bigger it could grow if it was in a better place. This flower has had to evolve to survive in this environment. All the answers are applicable in their own […]

“The Challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid’ be proud but not arrogant; have humour, but without folly.”



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